Advance booking is required for educational classes (tel. +370 5 2697800, +370 5 2697803, e-mail
Classes take place from Tuesday to Friday, 11 am – 5 pm.
The size of a group of schoolchildren is from 15 to 30 persons.
Accompanying teachers are admitted free of charge.
For educational classes in a foreign language the price is 25 Eur plus the ticket price (according to the number of schoolchildren).
Educational classes take place in the Church Heritage Museum, Šv. Mykolo St. 9, Vilnius.


Change of epochs in the Old Town of Vilnius

We invite you to take part in a game, which takes place in the Old Town of Vilnius. Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Classicism – different epochs and different understandings of beauty. It is an excellent opportunity to visit remarkable monuments of architecture, demonstrate your general and historical knowledge and win prizes! Grades: 9–12. Duration – 80 min. Price – 3,50 Eur.

A ring, a pectoral, a mitre and a crozier are the bishop’s insignia serving as a mark of his office and ridden with symbolism and meanings. In ancient times the bishop would wear his ring on the glove and use it to seal letters and documents. During the class we will make a ring-seal. Grades: 5–8. Duration 90 min. Price – 3,50 Eur.
Patron saint

Which saints accompany us since the day of our birth? What do their attributes tell us? What “duties” do the saints have in heaven? We will find it out during the class and will draw our patron saint on a wooden tablet. Grades: 1–12. Duration – 80 min. Price – 3,50 Eur.

Educational classes in the Cathedral‘s crypts and treasury (Šv. Mykolo St. 9)

The crypts of Vilnius Cathedral and the history of the treasury

We will descend into the crypts of Vilnius Cathedral and see the ancient burials, the royal mausoleum and the earliest fresco in Lithuania. We will explore the treasury of Vilnius Cathedral, which remained hidden in the times of war and turmoil and is currently exhibited in the newly renovated Saint Michael’s Church. The size of a group of schoolchildren is up to 60 persons. Grades: 1–12. Duration – 2 hours. Price – 4,50 Eur.
Archaeological research of the crypts

What can bricks, splinters of pottery or even bones tell us? They have been attracting the interest of scientists of various fields: historians, anthropologists and archaeologists. We will try to look at the cathedral crypts through their eyes. We offer you an interesting tour followed by a practical part, in which you yourselves can become archaeologists. Using special tools we will excavate the prepared “cultural layer” and come across quite many curious and perhaps even amazing finds. We will try to understand what the finds can tell us about the cathedral, its crypts and the inhabitants of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The size of a group of schoolchildren is up to 24 persons. Grades: 5–11. Duration – 2 hours. Price – 4,50 Eur.


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