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Educational classes in the bell tower

Guided tours in the bell tower of Vilnius Cathedral

For schoolchildren of various ages. 
Have you noticed the patterns of red tiles on the Cathedral Square? They mark the location of the defensive wall in the territory of Vilnius castles. Both gates and towers are marked. One of these towers have survived until our days, but... has slightly changed and is known today as the bell tower of Vilnius Cathedral. True, not all the tiers of the current bell tower were part of the former tower, but even today one can see the loopholes and check the thickness of the powerful walls...
We invite you to explore the tower, climb its stairs together with a guide, examine the bells and the mechanism of the old clock, and admire the panoramic views of the city.
Note: The bell tower is a highrise structure. You will have to climb brick and wooden stairs on foot, and therefore you should assess your strength and a possibility of vertigo. Before climbing the stairs, the visitors are acquainted with the rules of visiting the bell tower. Teachers bear responsibility for groups of schoolchildren and confirm this with their signature.

Grades 1–12
Duration – up to 45 min
Price – 3 EUR

For whom the bells toll

Do you know for whom or, in other words, why the bells toll? In ancient Rome bells were used to invite people to bathhouses and meetings, alert them about various calamities and announce the beginning and end of wars. Why and when do they toll in the bell tower of Vilnius Cathedral? Could the bells be replaced by trumpets?
We invite you to visit the recently opened bell tower of Vilnius Cathedral. We will climb the old brick stairs to the top and discover the history of the tower and the bells.
After the tour we will make a souvenir magnet using a special technique.

Grades 4–7
Duration – approx. 90 min
Price – 3.00 EUR




Advance booking of guided tours can be made by phone: +370 5 269 7800, +370 600 12080, or email: varpine@bpmuziejus.lt.
The size of a group of schoolchildren is from 10 to 30 persons.
Opening hours of the bell tower:
May – September: from Monday to Saturday, 10 am – 7 pm.
October – April: from Monday to Saturday, 10 am – 6 pm.
Educational classes are held in the bell tower from November to March.

Teachers accompanying groups of schoolchildren are admitted free of charge.

Written parental consent is required for a visit to the bell tower. The visitors must get acquainted with the rules of visiting the bell tower of Vilnius Cathedral.



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