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Alex Šepkus Jewellery at the Church Heritage Museum

The world-famous artist Alex Šepkus (1954–2021) held his first solo exhibition at the Church Heritage Museum in the summer of 2012. Two years later a small permanent display of his works was set up at the museum. The works on display are for sale. 

Aleksandras Šepkus worked with extremely expensive and sometimes exotic materials, and created exceptional articles of pure art, which are not only remarkable pieces, but also comfortable to wear jewellery. When writing and speaking about Aleksandras Šepkus, art critics and colleagues pay close attention to the fact that, “From the very beginning of his path to creativity, this gifted person has always been touched with the freedom and feeling of an independent artist that is hard not to follow and admire.”  

Aleksandras Šepkus attended Kaunas Secondary School No.5. In 1972, Šepkus entered Vilnius Arts Institute, the Department of Industrial Arts and graduated successfully in 1977. In 1988, the artist moved to the United States of America where he founded his company Alex Šepkus in 1992. The jewellery made by Aleksadras Šepkus was sold in nearly 150 art galleries of America as well as other countries. The jeweller resided in the Hudson River Valley, close to New York.



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