A unique opportunity to visit the treasury in June

We invite you to join us in welcoming the summer and announce an offer during the month of June! If you buy a joint ticket to the bell tower and crypts of the Vilnius Cathedral, you can visit the treasury of Vilnius Cathedral, which is exhibited in the ensemble of the Church and the monastery of St. Michael the Archangel, free of charge with the same ticket!

The treasury of Vilnius Cathedral is the oldest and most extensive of all the treasuries in Lithuanian churches. The first items included precious liturgical items donated by the Gediminas dynasty of Jogaila and Vytautas and their wives, as well as gifts sent from other countries on the occasion of the baptism of Lithuania. Rulers, noblemen and bishops donated luxurious liturgical items to the cathedral: crosses, chalices, reliquaries and monstrances. During the wars, the treasures were hidden and taken away, and the last time they were hidden was at the outbreak of the Second World War. On the eve of the war, the treasury of Vilnius Cathedral was walled up in a shelter. It was discovered in 1985, but it was first presented to the public only in exhibitions at the Lithuanian Art Museum in 1999-2003. After the lobby was returned to the Archdiocese of Vilnius, it has been on display at the Church Heritage Museum since 2009.

Ticket price – 12 Eur, discounted price – 7 Eur. Tickets are valid for one week after purchase.

You are also welcome to visit the Church Heritage Museum separately. Prices from 1 June:

Treasury – 8 Eur (with discount – 5 Eur)
Crypts – 10 Eur (with discount – 6 Eur), guided tour included
Bell Tower – 5 Eur (with discount – 3 Eur)

Discount applies to:
Students, schoolchildren, teachers, lecturers, guides, soldiers, police officers, clergymen, pensioners, the disabled, exiles, members of the Lithuanian Artists' Union. A discount certificate is required. For disabled school-age children, orphanage children, socially supported schoolchildren, groups of pre-school children, the ticket price is EUR 2.50. A certificate providing a discount or a list of socially supported children is required.

For more information: tel.+ 370 5 269 7800, e-mail muziejus@bpmuziejus.lt


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