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The Cathedral Basilica of St Stanislaus and St Ladislaus in Vilnius: A Guide

Vilnius Archcathedral Basilica of Saint Stanislaus and Saint Ladislaus is one of the earliest and most important Catholic temples in Lithuania. The historical and spiritual significance of the cathedral, which served the believers without interruption from the Christianization of Lithuania in 1387 to the middle of the twentieth century, and which was returned to them in 1988, is witnessed by the magnificent chapels endowed by nobles, masterpieces of painting, sculpture and goldsmith’s art from various periods, several dozens of memorial plaques, tombstone monuments and epitaphs. A Guide to the Cathedral Basilica of St Stanislaus and St Ladislaus in Vilnius expands our acquaintance with the cathedral’s rich historical heritage and presents the history of the inseparable part of the cathedral – the bell tower – and its current exhibition.
The Riddles of Vilnius Archcathedral: a book for children

This is a first publication for children about the most known shrine of Lithuania – the Cathedral Basilica of St Stanislaus and St Ladislaus in Vilnius. Many tasks and riddles which are included in this book, helps for young readers to understand the information about the history and present of Vilnius Cathedral in more understandable and interesting way. It represents the inseparable parts of the cathedral – the crypts and the bell tower.
The Embroidered Heaven. 15th–20th century embroidered liturgical vestments...

It is the second book about church textile published by the Church Heritage Museum. The first, Silk and Gold, introduced the history of silk fabrics from which liturgical vestments were made, while the subject of the present book is embroidered liturgical vestments.
Bishops of Vilnius and Their Portraits: catalogue

The personalities representing and ambodying the Vilnius (Arch)diocese are its (arch)bishops. Like other pastors of the dioceses of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (Samagotia and Lutsk), the bishops of Vilnius had created a portrait gallery representing their institution. Presently the collection of portraits consists of 42 images of bishops. In the main corpus of the portrait gallery of Vilnius bishops presented in this publication, 32 images of ordinaries of Vilnius along with their biographical entries are published. The missing images of ordinaries have been replaced by their coats of arms. // Compiler and author of the text Liudas Jovaiša. Vilnius: Bažnytinio paveldo muziejus, 2016, 132 p.
The Christ in Distress: From a Religious Image to a National Symbol: catalogue

The Christ in Distress to some Lithuanians is considered to be a symbol of the entire nation or Lithuanian character, some think that it is a small sculpture carved by a folk artisan, some claim that it is the protector and patron of the families, while others assert that is a pagan god. Certainly, there are those who have no idea what it is. The catalogue represents the origins of this image, how, when and where it was formed, what a sitting contemplative figure means in Christian art and how it was understood by believers in the period from the 16th to the 19th centuries.


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