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“A huge wall, set into the ground at the depth of two cubits only, has...

The catalogue represents the exhibition, dedicated to the Trakai parochial church 15th century history. The publication describes the masters, who decorated Trakai parochial church with their artworks, explains their iconographic program and goals.
The Lentvaris Church and Its Décor 1905–1943: exhibition catalogue

The catalogue represents the exhibition dedicated to the construction and décor history of the Lentvaris church. It can be read as a story of fruitful cooperation of Poles and Lithuanians in the middle of the 20th century, which encourages to revise the still prevailing belief in the impossibility of harmonious relations of these two national groups in the Vilnius region. The core of the exhibition was made up of exhibits of the Church Heritage Museum, among them some were taken over from Lentvaris parish in 2010– 2011: a valuable collection of liturgical textiles, several metal artefacts, and documents having the status of an artwork – designs of the church architecture and décor.
Vilnius Sacral Goldsmithery: catalogue

Vilnius became a strong center of goldsmithery from the XVI century. The order of the Church consisted the main part of all the orders. Unfortunately, today just this part of sacral goldsmithery can the history of this handicraft. This is a story not only of the art, but the story of Holly History as well. It is the elucidation of the tradition of the Church, the evidence of piety of endowers.
A Goldsmith’s puzzle: booklet-game for children

What is the length of a thread into which a gram of gold can be melted? By what means was the quality of gold and silver ensured? What were the techniques used by goldsmiths? The booklet will explain you all that as well as many other curiosities of olden times. It is an exciting trip to a goldsmith’s workshop full of emotions, knowledge and discoveries!
The Church Heritage Museum: guidebook

The publication aims to introduce the main exhibition of the Church Heritage Museum, its most important exhibits and the contextual information. The readers of the guidebook are introduced to the history of Archdiocese of Vilnius, the church of St. Archangel Michael, in which the Chuch Heritage Museum was established in 2009. The exhibits of the Museum are the oldest and most important valuables of the Lithuanian Church art. Photos of the guidebook represent liturgical vessels and implements, reliquaries and liturgical clothes.


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