Exhibition of Objects Restored in the Workshop of Museum

2020 09 14

On December 7, 2019 museum is celebrating its 10th birthday. The exhibition of objects restored in the workshop of museum is opened to mark this occasion. It testifies the importance of restoration.

The largest and most valuable assortment of liturgical textiles in Lithuania is kept in the collections of the Archdiocese of Vilnius Church Heritage Museum.

The Church Heritage Museum textile restoration workshop began its work in 2013. It is led by Indraja Kubilytė with the help of Vidmantė Narvidaitė.

Indraja Kubilytė acquired her knowledge on textile restoration in the workshop of one of the most famous German restorers, Ulrike Reichert in Cologne, and has had an internship at the Lithuanian Art Museum Pranas Gudynas Restoration Centre under Danutė Murauskienė in April and May 2013. Indraja Kubilytė continues to have yearly, month-long traineeships at Ulrike Reichert’s workshop in Cologne, who in turn comes to Vilnius to consult museum staff on matters regarding the showcasing and protection of textiles. The collaboration is supported by the Archdiocese of Cologne.

Exhibition structure: three pairs of items are displayed, visually illustrating what the object looked like before and after the restoration. The history and state of the items before the restoration is also shown in photographs.

The exhibition presents work carried out in the workshop of the Church Heritage Museum and during traineeships in Cologne. The oldest exhibit is a 16th–17th century stole.

Attesting to the importance of the restorer’s work are a 19th century processional flag recreated from worn tatters, an 18th century reliquary resurrected from almost non-existence and a kontusz belt pieced back together after being cut in two in the soviet era.

Curator: Indraja Kubilytė
Organiser: Church Heritage Museum
Sponsors and partners: Archdiocese of Cologne, Archdiocese of Vilnius
Media sponsors: bernardinai.lt

More information: tel.: + 370 620 87607, e-mail: muziejus@bpmuziejus.lt


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