A Little More Sacrifice. An Exhibition of Ona Grigaitė

2020 12 03

The exhibition presents conceptual ceramic art works of Ona Grigaitė. The artist invites us to explore Christian values in nowadays fragile world through objects shaped like liturgical implements.

Most of the art works was shown at the Akademija gallery in Vilnius (2017).“At that time, I felt like talking about faith and lack of faith, about betrayal and the impossibility of sacrifice.

After moving the exhibition to a church space, the works seem to have shrunken without actually physically changing. But is that not what we have seen happening to ourselves in the past few months? Our might and power has shrunken. We have realised how small and dependent we are. ”, – says Ona Grigaitė and adds that “the real and the virtual worlds appear to have switched places. It is difficult to tell which is more real. Clay replaced gold and is now in a place where it does not belong. It just sits there remembering how fragile everything is. It may have wanted to talk about the eternal, but it now speaks of the temporary.”

Ona Grigaitė (born 1963) is a Lithuanian ceramics artist who has greatly contributed to the history of Lithuanian art with her novel pieces of conceptual ceramic art born out of postmodern thought and worldview, boldly stepping across the boundaries of genres and art forms. Ona Grigaitė has been actively participating in exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad since 1983. Her earliest works – still lifes depicting tableware with food and drink or plants, are roughly shaped, brightly coloured and stand out due to their unique adornments, while also displaying elements of irony and humour. Later works show a tendency towards contemplation and the cycle of life becomes the predominant theme, while colours take on symbolic meanings. In her works, the things that surround us are turned into polysemantic symbols and opposites are juxtaposed through the principles of play: craft vs. art, production vs. creation. According to art critic Monika Krikštopaitytė, “Ona Grigaitė’s ability to question, to remain on the side of the unknowing, combined with her unique sense of humour, masterful technique, perfect sense of form and personal maturity are what fuels the explosive power behind her work.”

Organiser: Church Heritage Museum
Sponsors: Archdiocese of Vilnius, Lithuanian Council for Culture, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania

More information: tel. 8 5 269 7800, email muziejus@bpmuziejus.lt


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