Installation "Flood"

In April 1931, Vilnius a massive flood submerged the city's streets under water. The big flood of Vilnius began in late April when the rivers Neris and Vilnia spilled over their banks. According to contemporary newspaper reports, the flood lasted two weeks and at its peak water levels rose to 8.25 metres. For historians, the flood was significant for leading to a landmark discovery in the vaults of Vilnius Cathedral – the tombs of Polish-Lithuanian monarchs: King Alexander Jagiellon (Aleksandras Jogailaitis, who died in 1506), Queen Elisabeth von Habsburg (Elžbieta Habsburgaitė, 1505), and Barbara Radziwill (Barbora Radvilaitė, 1551).

In order to commemorate this event, we invite you to see the installation "Flood" in the bell tower of Vilnius Cathedral until 1st of July.

Photos used in the installation: Lithuanian Archives of Literature and Art
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