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THEATRUM BIBLICUM. Scenes from the Easter Prelude

2023 03 15 – 2023 09 02

Exhibition Theatrum biblicum (The Bible Theatre) of the Church Heritage Museum is dedicated to scenography. It presents a unique collection of baroque Holy Week and Easter decorations discovered in the last decade, painted scenes from the Old and New Testaments from St. James the Apostle Church in Švėkšna and from the collections of other Lithuanian churches and museums. By interacting with each other, these works of specific function show how the Holy Week liturgy was conceived through metaphors and allegories in the 18th century and the first half of the 19th century. Installed during the Holy Week, the scenery changed the customary view of the church, turning its interior into an impressive, striking space that served to express the main idea.
„Holy and blameless“ (Col 1, 22). Paintings from the collections of Vilnius...

2023 03 02 – 2023 09 30

Church Heritage Museum of Vilnius Archdiocese has partnered with Hugo Scheu Museum in Šilutė on an exhibition of paintings from Eastern Lithuanian churches. The paintings depict the most popular and beloved saint figures in Lithuania, such as the Virgin Mary, St Anthony, St Jude the Apostle, St Vincent Ferrer, St Dominic, and St Francis of Assisi. For example, St Anthony and St Jude the Apostle are popular patron saints, usually found in almost every Lithuanian church. These paintings introduce visitors to a group of well-beloved Lithuanian saints but also to two different modes of their representation. The narrative mode portrays scenes from earthly or heavenly life of a saint (such as "The Meeting of St Dominic and St Francis"). The symbolic method employs traditional attributes signifying characteristic virtues or hagiographic details to represent each saint.


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