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After Reading, Share with Others: The Chronicle of the Catholic Church of...

2022 06 17 – 2022 09 31

The Church Heritage Museum invites you to visit an installation in the bell tower of Vilnius Cathedral dedicated to the fiftieth anniversary of "The Chronicle of the Catholic Church in Lithuania". Visitors will be able to interactively experience the dangerous work of distributing "The Chronicle", symbolically becoming collaborators and boldly "freeing" the knowledge trapped in the "cage" of Soviet censorship. The installation in the bell tower is complemented by audio recordings from the archive of "The Voice of America" radio, as well as information stands in the cathedral square, which invite visitors to learn more about the history of the publication and distribution of "The Chronicle".
Through the Gates of the East: Orient in Lithuanian liturgical textiles...

2022 03 23 – 2022 10 08

With this exhibition, the Church Heritage Museum of the Vilnius Archdiocese presents unique 32 Oriental fabrics and embroideries preserved in Lithuanian liturgical textiles. The exhibition features fabrics and embroideries created in China, the Ottoman Empire, Safavid Persia, India and Central Asia. These are the countries through which, the Silk Road stretched from since the II century BC, to the XV century AC, laying the foundations for a deep tradition of silk fabric production.


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