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May They All Be One: 400th Anniversary of the Martyrdom of St Josaphat...

2023 09 29 – 2024 04 27

The international exhibition will be inaugurated on September 29 at the Church Heritage Museum. This exhibition serves as a commemoration of the saint’s martyrdom, coinciding with the 700th anniversary of Vilnius. The city of Vilnius holds a special place in the history of St Josaphat, as it marks the beginning of his monastic journey and the unfolding of his pastoral activities. It was in the Monastery of the Holy Trinity in Vilnius that St Josaphat, alongside Josyf Veliamin Rutski, initiated reforms in monastic life and established the Basilian Order. Thus, it is fitting to honour St Josaphat as a saint of Vilnius. Since the 17th century, he has been revered as the patron saint of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, often depicted alongside Lithuania’s patron saint, St Casimir, in iconography.
Interactive exhibition "The Bell Tower – Vilnius Timeline"

2023 09 – 2024 03

Just as children’s ages are marked on door frames, we can trace the timeline of events that have unfolded in this tower. Vilnius may no longer be a child, but it remains a youthful city boasting a rich history of 700 years. The bell tower, like a peer, stands as a steadfast witness to it all – not static, but evolving and growing alongside the city. Through this exhibition, we aim to commemorate the most significant events and individuals in our city, state, and the Church, while offering a glimpse into the ever-changing landscape of our capital city through key reference points. We invite you to delve into the exhibition, where stories lie hidden in drawers and are painted on glass, spanning the tower’s impressive height. Upon the furniture tabletop, you can peruse a timeline of events that shaped not only Vilnius but also all Europe. It is our hope that visitors from other countries will discover parallels they recognize, acknowledging Vilnius’ narrative as inseparable from the tapestry of Western culture. As you ascend, take in the breathtaking views of the city, uncover the secrets of the bell tower, and untangle the intricately interwoven timeline of Vilnius.
„Holy and blameless“ (Col 1, 22). Paintings from the collections of Vilnius...

2023 03 02 – 2023 09 30

Church Heritage Museum of Vilnius Archdiocese has partnered with Hugo Scheu Museum in Šilutė on an exhibition of paintings from Eastern Lithuanian churches. The paintings depict the most popular and beloved saint figures in Lithuania, such as the Virgin Mary, St Anthony, St Jude the Apostle, St Vincent Ferrer, St Dominic, and St Francis of Assisi. For example, St Anthony and St Jude the Apostle are popular patron saints, usually found in almost every Lithuanian church. These paintings introduce visitors to a group of well-beloved Lithuanian saints but also to two different modes of their representation. The narrative mode portrays scenes from earthly or heavenly life of a saint (such as "The Meeting of St Dominic and St Francis"). The symbolic method employs traditional attributes signifying characteristic virtues or hagiographic details to represent each saint.


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