Ongoing Exhibitions

The Embroidered Heaven. 15th–20th century embroidered liturgical vestments...

2017 11 23 – 2018 09 15

In continuation of the exhibition series launched in 2013, this exhibition presents the treasury of embroidered liturgical vestments of Lithuania from the earliest artefacts to contemporary works. The exhibition introduces a consistent history of changes of artistic styles and the course of human thought in different historical periods, reveals various aspects of the truths of faith emphasized by theologians, and presents signs of devotion to the saints. It also highlights the process of return of the treasures of the Catholic Church that started in 2005: during twelve years, more than 400 objects of church textile were returned to the Vilnius Archdiocese.
From Mammoth Tusk to Sapphires in Gold Mounts: Aleksandras Šepkus

2017 06 07 – 2017 12 30

The exhibition contains 45 pieces of jewellery: bracelets, rings, crosses, pendants, and earrings. It offers a rare opportunity to admire the works created by the most famous Lithuanian jeweller Aleksandras Šepkus in different stages of his career, to trace the features characteristic of a concrete period, and to acclaim the originality of his art. Works for this exhibition have been lent by the Lithuanian Art Museum and private persons, collectors. The newest pieces of jewellery created by the artist are also exhibited.
The Old Baptismal Font of the Žemaičių Kalvarija Church

2014 06 – 2017

Very few wooden Baroque baptismal fonts have survived in Lithuania. The present font is a unique utensil of this kind of such an intricate composition and iconography.



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