Past Exhibitions

Exhibition "The Saint of the 20th Century John Paul II"

2020 05 18 – 2020 07 11

On 4-8 September 1993 pope John Paul II (1920–2005) visited Lithuania. His message, simple yet powerful, “Be not afraid!“ then provided strenght and courage to a newly independent, young country of Lithuania. In commemoration of the centenary of the birth of St John Paul II, Vilnius Archdiocese and Church Heritage Museum invites us to remember that extraordinary time by taking a look at the gifts of John Paul II to the churches of Lithuania and, at the same time, to the whole country.
Spiritual Children of Fribourg: Lithuanians at the University of Fribourg and...

2019 09 27 – 2019 11 30

The exhibition held at the Church Heritage Museum of the Vilnius Archdiocese and the University of Fribourg is the first attempt to present for the public the intellectual activity of Lithuanians who studied at the Catholic University of Fribourg in the late 19th and the first half of the 20th century and their significance for the fledgling modern state of Lithuania through the activity of the Rūta–Lituania student society and related artefacts.
Born in Spain, Beloved in Antakalnis. Images of Jesus of Nazareth in Lithuania

2019 05 23 – 2019 09 14

The exhibition presents images of Christ that are conventionally called Jesus of Nazareth. These works of common origin, bearing the biblical name of the Messiah, constitute an important part of the heritage of Lithuanian Catholic art. The prototype of sculptures of Jesus of Nazareth and their images is the miraculous robed statue of Christ from the Church of the Discalced Trinitarians in Madrid. In Spain and in the territories where the Discalced Trinitarians operated, the image spread beyond the boundaries of the order. In Lithuania the artistic heritage of the cult of Jesus of Nazareth promoted by the Trinitarians is significant, and the tradition of creating this image was gradually linked with the devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus in Antakalnis.
Discoveries. The Icons on the Façade of St Barbara‘s Chapel in Markučiai

2019 03 28 – 2019 09 07

From 1903 to 1906, by the efforts of Varvara and Grigory Pushkin, St Barbara’s Chapel was built in the Markučiai manor’s vicinity. The chapel was decorated with nine icons painted on zinc plates hung on its exterior, representing the patron saints of the Melnikov-Pushkin family. The surviving photographs of the chapel show that the icons remained in the façade niches up until the 1950s. Their further fate was unknown until 2017, when seven out of nine images were found on the premises of the Alexander Pushkin Literary Museum. The icons from the chapel’s exterior had to be restored: they were damaged not only by time and climatic conditions, but also by bullets.
The Mission Stations. The Centenary Way of Lithuanian Missionaries

2018 12 13 – 2019 05 03

Exhibition presents the collection "The Mission Station" accumulated by the missionary priest, Father Antanas Saulaitis SJ, his friends and companions. The collection that has been accumulated for half a century consists of more than 2,500 exhibits from various cultures – liturgical implements, household artefacts, objects of personal use, books, printed material, letters, souvenirs, sound and image recordings, and other material – testifying to the century-long activity of Lithuanian missionaries all around the world. More than 150 exhibits have been selected for the exhibition.


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