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The Church Heritage Museum is a non-profit organisation preserving sacral heritage, presenting it to the public and carrying out educational and cultural activity. We invite you to contribute to the museum’s activity by supporting it and purchasing our publications, annual tickets and gift cards. 

Public institution “Bažnytinio paveldo muziejus” (“Church Heritage Museum”)
Registered address:
S. Skapo St. 4, LT-01122 Vilnius
Registration code: 300100459
Non VAT payer
Account No. LT08 7300 0100 8936 0580
AB bank Swedbank
Bank code 73000

Application to transfer up to 1,2 percent of the income tax
We invite you to support the museum according to the Law on Charity and Sponsorship of the Republic of Lithuania, without any additional expenditure.
In accordance with the Law on Charity and Sponsorship of the Republic of Lithuania, each citizen of Lithuania can transfer up to 2 percent of his/her income tax to the chosen organisation. Those who choose to grant their support to the Church Heritage Museum must apply by filling in the form FR0512 and submitting it to the State Tax Inspectorate by May 1st of this year.
Information for filling the application:
Recipient of support: Public institution “Bažnytinio paveldo muziejus” 
Recipient’s code: 300100459
Recipient’s registered address: S. Skapo g. 4, LT-01122, Vilnius
Application forms and more information can be found:
At each local branch of the State Tax Inspectorate;
on the website of the State Tax Inspectorate under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania: 
We are sincerely grateful to all supporters of the museum. Your support is very important to us. The collected funds will be used for the presentation and preservation of sacral art works, education of children and adolescents, development of the museum’s exhibitions and preparation of educational programmes.


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