Birthday in the museum

Birthday is a special holiday, and you are welcome to celebrate it in the museum together with your friends or family.

Find a treasure
The majority of children like riddles and puzzles, and treasure hunting is always full of surprises and tension. Your quick wits, logical thinking, attentiveness and powers of observation will come in handy. With a good team all tasks can be conquered and a treasure can be found!

A gift from the heart
Having admired liturgical textiles, all together we will create a gift – paint a silk sash for the birthday boy or girl.

A queen’s crown
Having examined the magnificent robes of the Mother of God, our little visitors will try to create their dream crowns and decorate the birthday girl in a royal manner.

Birthday events are held from Tuesday to Saturday, 11 am – 6 pm, duration – 90 min.
Advance bookings: tel. + 370 5 2697800, + 370 5 2697803, email:

Ticket prices:
Children’s birthdays – 95 Eur (if a group consists of more than 10 children, it costs additional 7 Eur for a child).
Adults’ birthdays – 145 Eur (if a group consists of more than 10 persons, it costs additional 12 Eur for a person).
Rent of premises – 25 Eur (90 min).


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